Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yesterday I redeemed a gift certificate for a deep tissue massage. Do not imagine the relaxing wonderful massage that you see on commercials. This was brutal. I had not had one in a couple of years and my muscles were like concrete. I am not a violent person, but if my face had not been secured in a tiny round hole on the massage table, I think I would have slapped the sweet girl doing what I asked her to do! At one point she asked me if it hurt too much and I said yes but keep it going because I know I will feel better she did! You know it is the same way with God's Word...we tell Him we want to get better and that He can break us but then the pain comes and we want to slap somebody! We want to justify why we don't need that and often we just want the pain to stop. The result is: We don't get better! Our hearts are still like concrete! Today, I am deep in writing for a series I will be doing in October on "How to Prepare Ourselves for Prayer." These lessons are wrecking me in every conceivable place! When that happens, I know it is from God. I know when this is finished, I will be stronger, more passionate, more in tune with His will but boy it is painful right now. After my massage (first of two because I was so bad off!) the therapist told me to drink lots of water, which will help my muscles to relax. Jesus is our living water and drinking deeply from His well will help the lessons God is teaching, to sink in deeply so we can relax in His truth. Today consider when was the last time you were wrecked by God's Word? Don't wait too long.

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