Monday, February 27, 2012

Still Thinking About Mean Girls!!

My last post ( a long time ago!!) was about mean girls growing up to be mean women.  When I wrote that I never thought that God would keep that on my heart but He has. Since that post, much has happened to emphasis this attitude within the church of today including some serious issues in my own church.

Women are created to be relational.  We need the fellowship of other women!!  (I am sorry, guys, but as great as you are, sometimes we just need a good girlfriend to talk to!!)  But what happens when we don't have that listening ear??? Or worse what happens when we are intentionally ignored? (that happens...don't pretend it doesn't!!)  What happens is women get hurt and our churches are full of women who have been hurt...Hurt women hurt women.

I saw the movie The Help and even though it is about the civil rights movement of the 60's, there is also a sub-plot of the interaction of women.  There are some personality types I see in every women's group I have been a part of:

  • Hilly Holbrook:  The ultimate mean woman who must take charge and doesn't care who she hurts!  In her own mind she is spiritual and right!!!
  • Elizabeth Lefolt: The insecure woman who will do anything to please...even if she doesn't think it is right. 
  • Celia Foote: The one who has messed up but wants to become a part...and is laughed at and exluded.
  • Skeeter and Abilene:  The ones who plot to help out but do it secretly
  • The Help: Those who just go along because they don't think anything can change...they live in           their own little world.
  • Minnie:  Has a big heart but it has been so beaten down, she has bitterness growing. She will not show weakness.
  • Constantine:  The one who see people as they are, sees herself as she is and loves everyone. 

Do you see these women in your circle of friends??  Be honest!!! Which one are you?  I long to be Constantine but I am not sure I am there yet!!  You see, each of these women came to this larger story with their own smaller stories! The fact is, each woman has come to your congregation with her own story (which you probably do NOT know) and it will influence the whole when joined together.

Jesus has come to take our story and change it with His story. That is our only hope!!  For the next weeks, I want to take each of these women, show how they got to where they were...and what Jesus can do about it!! Perhaps you will see your own story...I know I did!!