Monday, February 9, 2015

My Two Thoughts (cents) on Fifty Shades of Grey

It is out there.  The movie “everyone” has been waiting for.  Christian women as well as none Christian women have read the trilogy and are now waiting for the visual of this mommy porn!  (Heaven help our husbands or boyfriends if they want to watch porn but somehow it is ok for us!)Yay!! This week, women get to be “equal!”  I see confusion about what the conclusions this movie might bring about.  I am sad.  But I am not going to rehash the arguments already written against this movie (and books)  I do, however, want to point out a couple of my own observations I haven't seen this passed week:

1.  The female star of the movie sitting in front of 2,000 women waiting to see the premiere was asked, “Who do you want to see this movie?”  She looked at the interviewer with frightened eyes and said, “NOT my parents!”  She didn’t laugh.  She was serious.  She didn’t answer who she WANTED to see but who she DIDN’T want to see.  Those were her first words. She almost appeared afraid and ashamed that her parents might see it.  They were the ones who probably were most proud of her abilities while she was growing up. I believe she might have been having second thoughts. While filming she wasn't thinking of her parents but now that it is done, she is afraid they will see her do the things she has to do in order for this movie to be accurate.  So the first observation:  The star has some shame about what she has done.  What does this say to us?  There is shame involved with this movie. Satan will encourage many believers to go and see this, yet afterwards will load us down with shame that will be very hard to get rid of.  We can never un-see what will be seen.  Shame is his greatest tool and in my counseling of women the hardest thing to recover from.  My suggestion:  Don’t see it!

2.  The second observation as I watched those 2,000 women screaming with excitement to see the premiere of this movie was, what about the perverted guy who is watching the joy of these women? What might he be thinking? I think his thoughts were, “WOMEN LIKE PAIN!”   I am hoping that the numbers of rapes and violent crimes done to women do not increase because of this, but I will not be surprised if they do. I am hoping there won’t be more kidnapping of women and children for sex trafficking, but I won’t be surprised if there aren’t. We cannot say one thing and then become excited about another.  It doesn’t work.  This could very well be the worst message to those who want to harm women ever!

The bottom line:  This movie is sending a mixed message about how to treat women and how women really respond to things that are not wholesome.  Most of us long to be treasured and loved.  Most of us want to have relationships that go beyond sex.  Most of us like to be treated well. This movie doesn't teach any of that and its success might very well destroy those very things and bring about a “new normal” of relationships.  If this movie is successful, we will deserve what we get.