Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let Freedom Ring!

(This week we will celebrate Independence Day in America.  This post is about true freedom!)

I admit it, when I take one of those spiritual gifts surveys, I have to almost cheat to get any points under the mercy section!  My gifts are those of prophecy and teaching and that means I see things rather black and white.  Now, trust me, I do give grace to those who fall (because I understand that falling) but offer very little mercy when the Truth is known and sin is justified.

Before I start my rant, let me make it clear that I am not addressing the secular world in this post. That is not my place. I Corinthians 5: 12 says, What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? But aren't we to judge those inside?  God will judge those outside." Strong words! I am speaking to those who call themselves believers and are a part of the church. With that cleared up, may the rant begin:

Have you noticed many churches have begun to relabel sin, giving excuses for wrongs committed against the Word of God?  They have done this all under the label of being loving and nonjudgmental.   They justify the Truth of the Word by stating, "God didn't really mean that was sin!" or "That was then and this is now!" Sadly, many believers fall for this because it sounds right.  But it hasn't led them to freedom and peace but rather to deep depression, drama and stress.  There is a reason for that!  God has called those who call His name, to be holy as He is holy!  We are to know the Truth...and it will set us free!

Friends, God set boundaries for us in this life.  He made us and knows us better than we know ourselves and because of that, He knows what will hurt us and what will keep us safe.  His boundaries are always for our GOOD.  But we have an enemy who hates God.  Since he cannot hurt God directly, his goal is to hurt the thing that God loves the most: His children.  he does this by causing us to question God's boundaries just like he did to Eve, "Did God really say..." Many read the Word of God and then begin to question if that is what God really meant! Tony Evans stated once, "God said it and He didn't stutter!"

I am saddened by this but at the same time reminded that this is not the first time God's people have turned from God's boundaries.  The Old Testament shows us time and time again that this happened.  But a remembering of this should also show that God eventually pronounced judgement on the nations who did this.  Before we get alarmed, we also read there was always a small group who remained faithful, who believed and followed God's statutes because they knew they were for their good. They loved the Lord their God.   These people were called the remnant.  I personally believe that God is assembling a remnant among believers today in our country.  Those who will stand for righteousness without compromise. I see it all over as I travel.  Those whose worship of God is more than words but truly one of a desire to become holy followers.

How can we do this?  By daily "CONFESSION!" Be clear here, I am not referring to the confession for salvation but the daily confessions that keep us clean before God and our relationship active with Him.

When was the last time you truly felt conviction, specifically, for a sinful action and fell on your face before God, confessed, and asked for forgiveness.    God's word clearly states, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness." I John 1:9  That my dear friends brings something the enemy is trying so hard to keep from you: freedom.  Freedom is God's reward.  Within God's boundaries is freedom.  While that might not sound right, believe me it is.  He has so much for us within His boundaries that bring true joy, peace and satisfaction.  Why would I ever want to venture outside of His love? But we do and that is why He provides a daily cleansing.

A warning however: The longer you stay "dirty" and the farther away from the boundary you go, the more you will desire things that will harm you.  You will begin to beg for them in your life because you want to fill that emptiness. You will justify sexual sin because you doubt God's perfect plan.  You will become complacent because you have become numb.  Life will leave you with Solomon said: All is worthless.  But realize you are in the enemy's trap and it is a lie.   God is still there with His Truth longing for you to come home! Realize His ways are the best, and confess so He can cleanse you again.

We, the church, are to be the light of the world but sadly, have hidden His light under political correctness, tolerance and our lusts. It is time again to shine the light of His holiness! Become the remnant of our country. Stand for what GOD has said is right, no matter the consequences. Quit making up your own rules...allowing for sin to be justified. God's way leads to freedom! The enemy's way leads to complete bondage. The choice is yours.

Let this Independence Day be a breaking away from the enemies grasp.  Then truly we can let Freedom ring!!